[OSM-dev] which Java Verison to use (1.6 vs. 1.5); was: Error compiling osmosis

Andreas Kalsch andreaskalsch at gmx.de
Sun Dec 28 13:40:50 GMT 2008

It is OK that Osmosis supports just 1.6, because it has no UI (has it?). 
So there are 2 reasons:

- You use it more on servers with Linux, so 1.6 is supported.
- The user has the competence to deal with this kind of things, 
including setting up his own DB.

JOSM - in opposite - should be as easy as possible to use (= downloading 
and starting to edit), so that as many people as possible contribute to OSM.

So focus on new features and don't try to support ancient versions.



Brett Henderson schrieb:
> Sending this to dev because I'm curious to hear thoughts from the JOSM guys.
> I agree it would be nice to standardise but the reasons for the 
> difference as I understand it are:
> JOSM is an end user tool where wide platform support is necessary.  Java 
> 1.5 is more widely available than Java 1.6.  OSX in particular hasn't 
> had support for 1.6, not sure if that's changed yet.  JOSM is 
> maintaining compatibility with Java 1.5.  *However* it should be 
> possible to compile JOSM on Java 1.6, it just won't run on 1.5 if you do 
> so.  There may be some warnings around the use of the @Override 
> annotation (I don't know the details here) but I don't think these 
> should be show stoppers.
> Osmosis is newer than JOSM, and is less end-user focused.  I don't 
> support 1.5 because I'm using some newer features of the 1.6 platform.  
>  From memory, these are Java 2D libraries required for accurate polygon 
> support, concurrent libraries, and collection libraries.  Of these it 
> might be possible to support 1.5 with some additional effort but the 
> polygon support in particular is hard to do properly on 1.5 because 1.6 
> added "double" accuracy 2D calculations.
> Here's my suggestion.  OpenJDK is a Java 1.6 platform.  I assume that is 
> what Debian will provide out of the box.  Compile both JOSM and Osmosis 
> using this 1.6 platform.  They will both then run on the OpenJDK 
> provided by Debian.  Neither will run on older 1.5 JDKs.  You aren't 
> building binary distributions of JOSM for cross-platform use therefore 
> you don't need to support 1.5.
> 1.6 provides some very useful features, it has been released for around 
> 2 years now, and is supported on the vast majority of platforms out 
> there.  Supporting 1.5 just isn't a high priority for me.  With the open 
> source OpenJDK out there I was hoping the need to support ancient java 
> releases would be eliminated.
> Thoughts welcome.
> Brett
> Joerg Ostertag (OSM Tettnang/Germany) wrote:
>> OK ...
>>   so josm     doesn't want java 1.6
>> and osmosis doesn't want java 1.5
>> This doesn't really make it easy to create debian packages out of these ...
>> Couldn't we agree on one Version of Java for all OSM Software. This would 
>> macke packaging much easier for me.
>> -
>> Joerg
>> On Mittwoch 24 Dezember 2008, you wrote:
>>> The minimum required java version for osmosis is 1.6.  You appear to be
>>> using version 1.5.
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