[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Sun Dec 28 19:43:27 GMT 2008

2008/12/29 Jeremy Adams <milenko at king-nerd.com>

> Hey all,
> There's an issue with the minute change file
> 200812290912-200812290913.osc.gz.
> It contains a way which has over 40k nodes.  It's an administrative
> boundary
> which appears to enclose all of Quebec.  It's way id is 29309772.  When
> osmosis
> attempts to process this file it fails.  The relevant parts of the error
> appear
> to be "Unable to insert new way node" and a pgsql error "ERROR: smallint
> out of
> range."
> I'm sure I can find the way and split it into smaller chunks, but what's
> the
> process for getting the ROMA servers running again?  Can we just remove the
> reference to the way in the changeset and continue updating?  The way
> should be
> added back in once it's split and reuploaded, correct?
> -Jeremy

The same problem happened on 31st October...

Subject: HEADS UP osmosis pgsql schema users Was: psql osmosis simple shema
/ smallint out of range

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:17:16AM +0100, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Hi,
> i just discovered that osmosis was not able to apply the hourly osc file
> starting 2008-10-29T20:00:00Z - It failed with:
> 2008-10-31 11:09:52 CET ERROR:  smallint out of range
> 2008-10-31 11:09:52 CET STATEMENT:  INSERT INTO way_nodes (way_id,
node_id, sequence_id) VALUES ($1, $2, $3)
> Is there a way with >2^16 aka 65536 nodes?
> Or did someone manage to enter a completely broken sequence number?
... [show rest of
... [rest of quote removed]
Its 2^15 because it signed - and yes - somebody managed to get abovE:

osm=> select max(sequence_id) from way_nodes;
  (1 row)

osm=> select * from way_nodes where sequence_id = 39767;
  way_id  |  node_id  | sequence_id
   28098452 | 308532457 |       39767

I converted the smallint to int ...


So, perhaps following Flo's lead and changing the smallint to int would be
the best approach for dealing with getting the ROMA servers back up and

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