[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

Jeremy Adams milenko at king-nerd.com
Sun Dec 28 23:00:40 GMT 2008

I ran the same command on my box about 4 hours ago and it's still cranking away.  Should it really take that long to change a column type?  It's got one of the CPU cores pegged, so I assume it's still doing something.


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On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 03:43:27AM +0800, D Tucny wrote:
> osm=> select max(sequence_id) from way_nodes;
>   max
>   -------
>    39767
>   (1 row)
> osm=> select * from way_nodes where sequence_id = 39767;
>   way_id  |  node_id  | sequence_id
>   ----------+-----------+-------------
>    28098452 | 308532457 |       39767
> I converted the smallint to int ...
> Flo
> So, perhaps following Flo's lead and changing the smallint to int would be
> the best approach for dealing with getting the ROMA servers back up and
> running...

Both of my databases broke down again as i dropped the databases and
recreated them - right now converting again ...

I have no clue if this solves it - forgot already what i did last time ;)

ALTER TABLE way_nodes ALTER COLUMN sequence_id TYPE integer;

Hopefully postgres is clever enough to take over the old content and
recreate the index ...

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