[OSM-dev] TomTom map format

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Dec 30 20:48:04 GMT 2008

Matthias Rötsch wrote:
> is there already someone how is analysing the TomTom map format or are
> there small bits of knowledge about it?
> I want to give it a try, even if it leads to nothing. But I just have
> few experience with file format reverse engineering.

We have looked at the postcode format that revealed a bit of the used 
strings. If you really want to work on decryption I suggest taking qemu 
and trying out to run the arm binary of a 'specific' embedded release. 
It is quite obvious that you must be able to run it in the qemu debugger...

> At a first look it seems quiet structured, not compressed and at least
> not entirely encrypted.

I have the same observation; I wouldn't be surprised if they first 
define the scope of the structures in the file format to be compatible 
between every release that is using that interpreter; and then bit 
efficient encode it.


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