[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Dec 31 10:51:03 GMT 2008

D Tucny wrote:
> That would be quite nasty, seeing node 8, but not having a line 
> connecting it anywhere? For rendering, that would be pretty useless, for 
> editing it would be a pain in the bum, especially if there was a node 9 
> somewhere else outside the bbox...

Notice variation. It is an editor thing, and can made useful.

> To get the useful nodes 7 and 9, 
> you'd either have to get the whole way as a seperate request and then 
> get the nodes, as seperate requests or make guesses as to which 
> direction and how far away those nodes are and do bbox requests... You'd 
> need at least a one node buffer around 'in box' nodes to be of use for 
> anything... i.e. if only node 10 is within the bbox, you'd need to 
> return 9 and 11 too, at least, even if they are outside the bbox... in 
> your example, that would return nodes 3, 6 and 7 too...

You seem to miss the point that to see the rest of the way:

1) a request can be made with a new bbox like now is common practice if 
you want to edit a larger area

2) CLick on the way and do a full

I don't see your buffer point. I would like to return the nodes that are 
exactly within the bbox. Like what is expected.

> To me, this feels like a significant overcomplication with no 
> significant benefits... Far easier would be to just limit the size of 
> ways... Hmm, I'm sure that's been mentioned already... 

You want to limit the ways because then you would request only 2k of 
nodes cluelessly instead of what you actually see? That is an over 


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