[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Dec 31 21:29:42 GMT 2008

D Tucny wrote:
> I guess you would like to make it:
>      ---------------
>     |               |
>     |               |
>     |   ,.,        o|----o
>     | o'   '.,.     |
>     |          '.   |
>      ------------,--|
>                 o
>     And indeed this seems a much better approach.
> This is what I was trying to illustrate without ascii art :)

So would this be something useful/workable/better to you as editor?

>     Either way, a maximum of 2000 nodes in a way would work in both
>     scenarios... So no arguments from me...
>     True but as Martijn already pointed out, there is just still stuff
>     that should be 'one', coastallines. And if I may add, I would really
>     like to apply algebra for geo stuff to that kind of things. That
>     will not work if OSM limits 2k. And OSM-companies suddenly start to
>     offer shapefiles where it actually is possible to do that kind of
>     lookups with merged coastallines, that is a bit a turn off to me...
> I'm sure it wouldn't be too complex with a few recursive lookups to get 
> an entire coastline, where you could, if you so wished merge them 
> together and perform any, not usual for typical use, function on them, 
> including applying algebra... I'm sure with your own copy of the planet, 
> especially if loaded into a database it would quick and simple to 
> achieve this too... admittedly, not as quick as if the database natively 
> held the entire coastline as a single way, but, trivial none the less... 
> An example of such cleverness would be the coastline checker stuff done 
> by Martijn...

The point is that 'geo databases' operate on cyclic polylines as an 
area. Splitting them up requires another virtual and join. Doable but I 
want decent arguments why to split it at data level (2k limit) opposite 
to user level (partial ways). (And joins are exactly expensive at OSM 

So I'll try to fix a server implemementation :) And ask for some 
rendering help.


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