[OSM-dev] why does api not return nodes that are referenced from ways?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 5 23:32:09 GMT 2008


>   <way id='10660210' timestamp='2007-10-31T21:45:41Z'>^M


> that references node 94153236 but that node is not defined in the
> reply.

Because it has been deleted. This should not have happened (you should
not be able to delete a node that is referenced by a way).

> Is osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org breaking the specification or am
> I (or pyroute) doing something wrong?

The specification you cited is the OSM API specification, not the
OsmXAPI specification (but OsmXAPI has been made to emulate a call
from the OSM API so your assumption that the return data should be
compatible is probably justified). 

The answer to your question is that there's an inconsistency in the
data base which neither OsmXAPI are designed to work with.


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