[OSM-dev] Polygons and Multipolygons

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 8 11:50:22 GMT 2008


> I found the way term 'Multipolygon' is used in OSM context is  
> confusing.

True. What we had been looking for was a term for "polygons with  
holes"; it seemed unreasonable to create a relation "type=polygon" as  
plain polygons, without holes, don't require relations. But  
multipolygon is somewhat of a misnomer.

> Shouldn't we be calling MultiPolygon  Polygon?

There are only 2788 in the database so it would not be too hard to  
change. I wanted to automatically add the "inner" and "outer" flags  
to the existing polygons anyway, although they're not strictly  
required they would make processing easier for some.


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