[OSM-dev] disputed areas

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 10 22:38:21 GMT 2008


> > Can't we just let one of them get bored?
> Only if we don't actually care about our map being accurate to the rules 
> we decide.

There are many other places where our map is not accurate to te rules
we decide, and where we can actually do something about it ;-)

I think we should keep the issue in mind during further API design
work, and try to build mechanisms that help us cope with situations
like these, but I don't see the urgency either.

I still like my idea of not showing Cyprus at all, but if that's not
feasible then let us just ignore the issue for the time being. 

Any mechanism that forces us, as a community, to take sides (i.e.
decide what the "correct" tagging should be) would set a dangerous
precedent and require a well-crafted decision-making process in the
community. (For example: do I, never having set foot on Cyprus, have a
say in the issue?) I don't think we are up to that, yet, and we should
certainly not rush out some rules that haunt us later.

If the people of Cyprus haven't managed to produce good mapping
because of unsetteled political issues, then that's the reality and
why should that reality not be visible in our maps...? We're not above
politics (sadly).


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