[OSM-dev] {To All} Re: OSM Data Question from FireGirl

Fire Girl firegirl at amorous.com
Wed Feb 13 03:49:15 GMT 2008

Meep Mepp, information overload! LOL! I see so many paths and almost
stressed out thinking about them all! Haha. I like the pre-staged data
Jeremy described, and that looks useful, and think Jason's concepts are
very good. I was thinking of setting up my own Database to that end....
but I digress, I am not sure with path I need to go in yet! Maybe someone
can help me make a decision? Brett and others mention this idea of
extracting Boxes and Polygons. What is sure fire way to get that working
right? I mean, if I want just a city, let's say, Makaha, Hawaii -- What
would be proper steps (in any platform), to get to a Makaha Hawaii .OSM
file? Is that even possible to get that level of detail into a OSM?*** I
don't want to go further in my requests, I feel I should be able to do
something with that sub-set of data.... but still, don't want to go thru
unecessary lifespans with this nearly 80 gigabyte file LOL not really
knowing what I am doing. But, actually though, I am willing to set it up
into a database if that you all think is best way to go... but I am still
not sure how to get to very local data for any worldwide spot. So I mean,
this Osmosis is the sure-fire way to get to this?

Jason, the http://www.maproom.psu.edu/dcw/ looks like a winner. But, once
I get to a region, like Hawaii.... I am faced with options to download
"GIS Data" or "POINTS". I presume I am going to just need to get the
lat/long points, and that data is what would be utilitzed within the
osmosis program? :)

Basically, I hope to find some understandable path to see and understand,
how to clip out .OSM data from the Planet file, with greatest agility &
ease, to a City for instance. :)

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