[OSM-dev] Restrict key names on order to retain reusability of OSM

Rob Reid rob at robreid.co.nz
Fri Feb 15 10:41:14 GMT 2008

Stefan Keller wrote the following on 15/02/2008 21:32:
> That's right, but keep in mind, that I *don't* propose to change the 
> current internal OSM schema and I *won't* restrict the number of key 
> on your side. I propose only to restict the character set of keys.
> So let's say for my application I'm happy with one attribute 
> (type="shop") or two. You know that in a more application oriented 
> environment you do stick to a schema with a distinct number of 
> attributes and take care of each of them.
> Rob wrote:
> > You use building=shop in your examples but there is absolutely nothing
> > to stop someone using (apologies in advance for my lack of language
> > skills) construcción=almacén or ??????=?????.
> Good example: How to make a map of more than one country when you an 
> me can't interpret "construcción" and "??????" being buildings?
If someone wants to start using construcción as a key and wants to to be 
rendered in the standard maps then the process is no different to from 
any other new key, they have to add it to the rendering rules for the 
various renderers or ask for it to be added and specify how it should 
Just because I don't speak spanish does not mean I'm unable to add 
'construcción' as a rule to one of the renderers and the renderers don't 
care what language it is.
It is no harder for me to add construcción(spanish) to the renderer than 
it would be to add construktion(german), our current system would allow 
both, your proposal would allow one and not the other.



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