[OSM-dev] hello! need expert to hand hold me with DB setup

Fire Girl firegirl at amorous.com
Fri Feb 15 10:45:57 GMT 2008

Hello out there tonight -- I was posting on here before and received some
good advice, which led me to lots of research and i think i finally
decided on wanting to get the Planet.OSM file inserted into a MYSQL
database, and go onwards from there.  I actually have MYSQL running on a
Windows Apachae emultation, and it works great and feel very comfortable
with it.  I also have a Linux machine, which I am not as comfortable
with... but starting to get the hang of shell commands, and setting
things up.

My problem has been trying to figure out Osmosis, which I have not been
able to install.  I think it is because I am missing or not running JAVA
on my Linux box... and I have been so frustrated trying to get anything
working.  The best I have been able to accomplish is getting SQLITE3 and
have been successful at getting sample tables inserted from a command
line under Linux .... where I am really stumped is this link:


It speaks of SQLITE3 and something called "OSM2DB".  That got my hopes
up... but I cannot seem to find this OSM2DB anywhere, and only precious
few results on Google come up... I cannot seem to find it! :(

 ... I don't really know what tools I need to get the Planet.OSM file to
a SQL file on Windows natively, or if that is possible.  If I can get
that, then I know what to do, and can import it into the MYSQL on my
Windows machine.  If I could understand the Linux approach, then I could
create the SQL file and move it over.  The problem is getting from here
to there. :|

Can someone please suggest what I should do?  I don't know if there are
better tools I don't know about, what approaches I could take with what I
have already, or someone has already put a SQL ready version of
PLANET.OSM somewhere.  I am ready to climb mountains for this, so please

Thank you!  Any suggestions would be great and thank you for much for
this group!

Best Wishes, FireGirl.

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