[OSM-dev] {To Nick} hello! need expert to hand hold me with DB setup

Fire Girl firegirl at amorous.com
Sat Feb 16 18:47:47 GMT 2008

  Maybe your best bet is to use a PostGIS database and osm2pgsql, which
  a .osm file and populates a PostGIS database. The only issue is
  postgis can
  be a bit of a pain to set up, but if there are pre-built packages for
  platform it's a *lot* easier. Are you on windows? I'm guessing
  there's a
  prebuilt postgis for windows.

Ah Very good!  Yes, I am primarily on Windows, however certainly can
setup something in a Linux environment, though I am going to need pretty
good instructions.  How does this PostGIS DB best run., I mean, in terms
of a Linux distribution?  What do you have? :-)

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