[OSM-dev] another mapping application

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Thu Feb 28 08:45:52 GMT 2008


I have some mapping stuff here which I want to make finally downloadable.
Now that there is some free material for it, it is time to polish it a bit.
Perhaps it is of use for other people, too.

You can download a snapshot of mumpot at
It requires gtk (and still also some more documentation) is still considered alpha.

Just do the usual ./configure && make && make install
and then start

The features:
- displaying of tiled map (especially for those from osm)
- planed routes can be marked (does not use
the osm vector data for this), loaded and saved.
- maps can be printed at some fixed scales.
- osm vector data can be loaded from a file and saved.
- a primitive tag editor, so you can add a missing
  street name on the move
- can connect to a gps which provides NMEA-Data
  (using a TCP connection (to gpsd), a bluetooth rfcomm connection,
   or a serial device (which may also be a bluetooth rfcomm device))

The main aim is to use it on a mobile device,
while I'm out to do some mapping.
Currently I use this mainly on my ipaq2200.
If I had something messed up with my street name photos (because
the photo is bad or I don't know which of the streets going away
from a crossing the photo belongs to). I'll enter the names using
that tag editing interface the next time I go there.
I plan to extend it in a way so that at least the easier parts of
the map making can be done on the road.

Andreas Kemnade
PS: I will also put information on the wiki, too.

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