[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon

Marcus Wolschon marcus at wolschon.biz
Thu Feb 28 11:39:24 GMT 2008

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Frederik Ramm schrieb:
| Hi,
|> In this case, unless its accidental, it would be wise to revert *all*
|> edits by the user responsible.
| Wise? Really?
| It surely is one option but sounds rather draconian to me. Suddenly my
| OSM password becomes much more valuable than I thought it was because if
| someone deletes London using my account then you'll delete all my
| contributions in return?

Well, I guess he ment all changes
in the timeframe in question. Not
all changes since the user was created.

I was thinking about a stored procedure
because for an undelete I saw
no requirement for complex logic and
quite some data to be accessed.
This is something databases are made
for and that they can optimize themself.
I could not see a need to transfer
the data to restore out of the database
into an application and back.

Now that I saw your pseudo-code I see
that work outside the db may indeed be
required. (for "save_with_history")

I was ignoring conflicts because for
a restore of deletes the worst thing that
can happen is to have ways multiple times.
Not pretty but no show-stopper like loosing
referential integrity.

- ------

In the end we really need something like
the history-tab in wikipedia without breaking
referential integrity uppon restores. Once
accidents and vandalism becomes more common
there is not much of a way around that.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have an
optional timestamp-parameter in the api
for fetching map-parts as they where at
a given time or (maybe easier to implement)
give all changes between 2 timestamps for a
Then this feature can be implemented in an
external editor without making the map-server
more complex.

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