[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 28 13:08:39 GMT 2008


> Frederic:
> I was thinking about a stored procedure
> because for an undelete I saw
> no requirement for complex logic and
> quite some data to be accessed.
> This is something databases are made
> for and that they can optimize themself.
> I could not see a need to transfer
> the data to restore out of the database
> into an application and back.

I agree that this would probably be the fastest way but I have a  
personal dislike against stored procedures ;-) they're so out-of- 
sight if you know what I mean.

> Now that I saw your pseudo-code I see
> that work outside the db may indeed be
> required. (for "save_with_history")

Frankly I have no idea what pseudo code you're referring to, maybe  
something I wrote a long time ago and have meanwhile forgotten about?

> I was ignoring conflicts because for
> a restore of deletes the worst thing that
> can happen is to have ways multiple times.
> Not pretty but no show-stopper like loosing
> referential integrity.

True. However deletions are only one way of wreaking havoc. Using  
JOSM it is easy to move the whole of London 200m to the West, or make  
it switch places with Paris. (Well not *easy* but not hard either!)

> In the end we really need something like
> the history-tab in wikipedia without breaking
> referential integrity uppon restores. Once
> accidents and vandalism becomes more common
> there is not much of a way around that.

Yes, absolutely.

I have written my two cents on the subject here:


I'd invite everybody to discuss (perhaps better on the list than on  
the Wiki, but each to his liking).


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