[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon

Marcus Wolschon marcus at wolschon.biz
Thu Feb 28 13:55:28 GMT 2008

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Frederik Ramm schrieb:
| The only thing I'd ask of editors is to support "create_changeset"
| and then use the ID returned on subsequent edits. This, I believe, is
| a small price to pay for the grouping advantages we would get.
| Automatically creating one changeset for every single change would be
| an option for a changeover time but not really desirable.

That sounds simple enough.
I was more thinking along the lines of josm,
where you download a part of the map, make
all your edits and then upload it.
But other editors may of cause upload every single
change as it is made. So your way may indeed be better

What about implicitely creating a new changeset if none is
given, so that a transition is smooth?

Can anyone suggest to handle the case of user B
editing entities that are edited in the changeset
of A before AND after the edit of B?
So we have:

A: open changeset
A: move point X to the left
B: move point X a bit north
A: move point X to the a bit more left
A: close changeset

Do we need some kind of soft-locking with timeouts
for changesets like with the "conflicting edits"
in MediaWiki?

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