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Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Sat Mar 8 09:38:29 GMT 2008

If I record to the SD card then it includes the date / time in the
filename. If I use the Windows software to download just the tracks and
waypoints in the internal memory then it uses a filename based upon the
serial number. I use the latter if I've only done a small amount of
mapping (i.e. not exceeded the internal memory), because it does the
gpsbabel step to convert to GPX as part of the process, thus saving me a
few seconds.

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On 7 Mar 2008, at 21:52, Gregory Williams wrote:

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>>> I may be being dense here, but what's the problem with a user
>>> uploading a second file with the same name?
>> All my traces currently have a unique name as produced by the gps
>> [software], thus I see it to be unlikely to be an issue.
> The version of the software that I use with my NaviGPS generates a
> filename based upon the GPS unit's serial number. So, the same  
> filename
> gets reused.

The GT-11 I have (well off for a repair just now), also included the  
date and time in UTC for the file name. I take it that your firmware  
only creates one log file, and not a new one each time the GPS is  
started like the firmware I was used to.

TrekBuddy and TrackMyJourney when setup to auto log both use the date  
to produce unique files within that one directory that the files are  
stored. I just haven't had the experience of doing things differently  
how some others do them.


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