[OSM-dev] Feasibility of an 'in the field' mobile editing app?

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sat Mar 8 21:17:13 GMT 2008

> >
> >  Actually I had sent a mail to the guys that developed Sportstracker
> >  if they wanted to open source their code, but got no answer. If someone
> >  is more lucky than me, that might provide a good basis. It already has
> >  all the functionality to record the track correctly. All it needs is
> >  a small tag editor and an export/upload to OSM functionality.
> Maybe you should try the python bindings for S60. It's supposed to be
> a much more pleasant experience than going directly to Symbian's
> borked version of C++.

Was actually thinking of J2ME for the app.


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