[OSM-dev] Bulk tile download tool using Java?

Armijn Hemel armijn at uulug.nl
Wed Mar 12 18:58:23 GMT 2008

hi Jon,

> I'm open to other suggestions of what mechanisms we might add to deal
> with rogue clients. As OSM becomes even more popular we are bound to get
> more clients making bad requests.

If the server is based on Apache, you might want to take a look at
mod_security (http://www.modsecurity.org/). While it adds a performance
hit, you could create very specific OSM rules, since you know in advance
requests you will allow (and block all the rest, so whitelisting).
Combined with a tool like HTTP guardian to put rogue clients in a
temporary blocklist (iptables on Linux for example) it might be worth
the performance hit.

Just my EUR 0.02.


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