[OSM-dev] Proposal: Make relations ordered

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 17 08:17:46 GMT 2008


> Please think through what needs to happen when a way is split. Can the  
> order be given like 10,20,30, so 15 and 25, 28 can be added in between?  

We don't support incremental changes to objects. When you make a
change to an object, however minor, you re-upload the whole object.
This is not going to change.

The API user is not concerned with the sequence numbering, he just
uploads the sequence he wants. The numbering takes place internally.

> Or would a trigger in the database take care of reordering all the  
> elements automatically?

The API user would upload the desired order, and that's that. No
triggers, no "re-numbering", just new numbering.

> Also please change the API, so merging and  
> splitting of ways doesn't have an influence on route relations. This  
> would take away the responsibility of the editors to do this.

Our API is very low-level and has no understanding of the semantics of
relations. First of all, there is no API operation "split way" -
splitting a way, for the API, is shortening one and uploading a new
one, both operations completely separate. What you're calling for is a
special "split way" operation that not only combines these two, but
also analyses which relations the split way was part of, and then
depending on the type of relations changes these as well. Altogehter
this is surely much too complex for our API. The editor will have to
do it I'm afraid.


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