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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 17 20:07:50 GMT 2008


>    Humm... undestand, but i can make them in Google Earth , export the paths
>    and import into OpenStreet, right? i have some cities traced in my Google
>    Earth, ;)

Let's put it this way: Yes, Google Earth has this feature that lets
you track stuff off their aerial imagery and save it as a file to send
it to friends and so on, we don't know why that feature is there
because in our view it is just an invitation to breach copyright.

Now you could take the point of view that if they put this feature in
their program they must know that people will use it - you cannot put
a cool feature in your program and then sue people who use it for
exactly the purpose it was designed for (tracing features from the

If it were for my private use, I would most certainly shrug and say
"they put the feature there, I'm using it, so what?". HOWEVER, we as a
project want to be extra double careful because we assume that sooner
or later some of the "big guys" who own the commercial data might want
up and might have an interest in harming us. When it comes to that we
want to give them the least possible area of attack.


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