[OSM-dev] Conflict management

Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Wed Mar 19 09:28:40 GMT 2008

Subhodip Biswas schreef:
> hi !
> I was considering conflict management as a part of this year Google
> Summer of Code . Few case studies to settle down
> 1. Cyprus case study
In the Netherlands a nice map for fryslan, a province with it's own 
language, has been created in OpenStreetMap. The authors have done this 
by using tags like name|nl and name|fy to distinguish names of towns and 
places in Dutch and Fries. They also created a custom render program to 
show only the name|fy labels.

My guess is that this method might work excelent for cyprus:
name,name|tr,name|gr where name will be the general notation, name|tr 
the turkish notation and name|gr the greek notation. Of course this can 
lead to discussion what the general notation would be, but if the map 
interface gives users the option to select a language and then get the 
map in their requested language might solve these conflicts.

Basically this would mean:
- Setting up custom renders per language
- Adding a language to a user profile
- Adding the option to the general map interface to pick up the 
users-system language based upon browser settings.

I think it would be best to use the International language code notation 
for the language descriptors(en_US,en_UK,nl_NL,nl_FY and so on)

Would that be an option?
> 2. Naming System : if you see kolkata (India) in openstreetmap you
> find a place name garden reach . While Garden Reach is pretty small as
> compared to kolkata .While naming reverse has happend .
> Any more case studies ..or incident to look upon

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