[OSM-dev] Conflict management

Martijn Pannevis openstreetmap at panman.nl
Thu Mar 20 11:45:05 GMT 2008

Google also just launched a similar thing: You now get both russian 
characters and english if you browse to moskow.
In their API you can also set certain languages.
Not that we have to do what Google does (and thet have less storage 
space and rendering issues, I assume), but it's interesting to know 
others are also thinking about these issues.
Kind Regards,
Martijn Pannevis.

Marcus Wolschon wrote:
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> Milo van der Linden schrieb:
> | So, enhancing the main map on www.openstreetmap.org with language
> | detection and/or language selection and setting up rendering for
> | different languages might do the trick. Or am I completely wrong?
> Even without conflicts that sounds like a reasonable thing to do.
> As a German I can't make sense of many names I see in CZ but I
> know these places have german hames too that I can make sense of.
> Others would know a city by the name of Moskau but see "moskwa"
> in cyrillic letters that they can't read. Even worse with western
> people lookint at asian countries having the local name in the local
> alphabet as their default (wich is correct but not usable for everyone).
> Marcus
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