[OSM-dev] [OSM] Informations about osmarender for Google SoC

Mario fadinlight at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 14:54:28 GMT 2008


> Of course the processing time depends highly on what you want to render. 
> Rendering the city of Karlsruhe takes about 30 seconds for the XSLT part 
> and another 60 seconds to display the resulting SVG, on a fast machine; 
> but if you work with a reasonable sub-section then it will be faster.

So, if we want to mantain XSLT, there should be a way to display only a 
subset of the SVG, with a sort of global preview and the classical 
"rectangle", which could be used to zoom only single parts of the map. 
When you use the rectangle, the program should take only the points that 
are contained in those lat/lon coordinates and show them. But I don't 
know how difficult this could be to achieve. I see issues such as full 
OSM file searching (I don't know if the OSM file has some kind of 
internal ordering) and cutting away the way/areas lines (even if this 
could be workarounded by not displaying those parts :)).
Also, if I'm not wrong, there is a way to select osmarender's zoom... so 
if the user select a low zoom, the map has to be displayed as a whole, 
and I see no way to workaround this.

> That's why I did the Perl 
> implemenentation, hoping to open up development to more people. We'll 
> see how well this is received. I'd say that the rules files will 
> certainly stay, but whehter or not the XSLT part will stay remains to be 
> seen.

I've a problem with this, because I've never studied Perl. I'm 
comfortable with various languages such as Java and PHP. If I have to 
choose Perl I must study it. This is not a major issue, because I'm a 
very fast learner :) Don't know if it's an issue that could prevent you 
from accepting my SoC application.
Otherwise, if you are all agree, I have to choose another language, 
eventually translating your Perl implementation into, let's say, a Java 
(servlet or client side) or a PHP (server side or, perhaps client side 
with gtk-php libraries, but, if I remember well, they are not 
multiplatform) implementation.



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