[OSM-dev] [OSM] Informations about osmarender for Google SoC

Mario fadinlight at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 16:24:48 GMT 2008

Wow, the discussion is getting more and more interesting :)

I'll reply to you all at once, cause the replies would be tangled.

The little brainstorming I've done is not intended to be for this 
summer. I've written those guidelines to clarify my ideas on the 
application: for example, I could develop the core of the project (ie an 
API to handle the rules file) and write down some GUI ideas. But I think 
it's useful to know "where do we want to go tomorrow" (eheh ;)) to 
better design the core and/or the GUI skeleton and to know how much it 
would get. :)

I think, just to start, that it's reasonable to achieve these goals:

1) The core which handles rules file
2) Some work to define the general usability of the final interface
3) Get to work some GUI skeleton, which could have, for example, only a 
textarea to edit any specific CSS. (I have in mind that all the GUI 
should be i18n aware, or maybe not)
4) Eventually, a demo preview (or a part of it) like Frederik and 80n 
have proposed.

Unfortunately, I can't help much on the discussion about how it should 
be implemented (XSLT/Java/Inkscape Plugin -> Perhaps I can help in 
finding a way to edit CSS styles easily in inkscape, like proposed by 
80n in the last mail), but, obviously, this is very important to have a 
rough idea of the time the work will get.

I can tell you the languages I'm comfortable with (Java and PHP, along 
with web standards in general) and that I'm not closed on learning 
Python language (in case you decide to implement it as a Inkscape 
plugin). Don't forget that in this last case, if the application is 
accepted by Google, we have the "Community Bonding Period", in which I 
can get in touch with Python.



P.S.: Thanks to 80n for the other info about rules file structure. The 
most interesting part of the project will be to get all this interesting 
and complex structure to a better usable way :)

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