[OSM-dev] [OSM] Informations about osmarender for Google SoC

Mario fadinlight at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 18:32:24 GMT 2008

 > Now, if you want to make the road wider on
> the map, you have to remember to change both the core stroke width and
> the casing stroke width. And there may be additional style definitions
> for bridge or tunnel casings for this kind of road, all of which you
> have to change. It would be great to be able to say something like
> .highway-unclassified-core { stroke-width: 1*$highway_unclassified_width }
> .highway-unclassified-casing { stroke-width: 1.1*$highway_unclassified_width }
> or so. (Unless some future version of the CSS standard is on track to
> deliver this anyway?)

I think hacks like that would be great to include in the core!

In the GUI, perhaps, could be presented something that can be similar to 
"css real names/modified name" of my little brainstorming: As you say, 
it could be, i.e., "core/casing road line width proportion", that 
automagically changes "stroke-width" in both CSS classes. It could lead 
to a better easy of use.
I think this could be better designed and achieved wrapping, i.e., CSS 
styles into OO classes, linked with OO classes that represent 
"road","bridge","tunnel" etc... instead of editing every time a big "CSS 
string". IMHO, wrapping all into OO could lead to a good design and 
great flexibility. The objects created could be used afterwards for 
applying them rules and outputting the XML for Osmarender/Perl module.

This could add enough complexity to the core to represent an application 
itself, together with the corresponding GUI "wireframe". They could be 
designed nearly in the same time, together with some kind of API. I 
don't think I can promise to develop also a functional GUI in time for 
Google SoC to end... what do you think?



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