[OSM-dev] Openstreetmap project on Greenphone

Mickey Leroy mickey.leroy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 00:02:17 GMT 2008


 Since I'm new to this community I shall start with an introduction:

My name is Michel Claessens-Leroy and I'm an undergraduate student in
computer engineering.

Next week I will start coding an application for a Trolltech greenphone.


 The main purpose of the application is to capture GPX traces.

Secondly load and show OSM data.

Thirdly add some basic tagging (like points of interests, take pictures,...)

A very short description for a great project as you can see!

 The success of my school year depends upon this project, so failing is not
an option.

I do have a mentor at school who has some basic knowledge of OSM.

But I'm looking for a second mentor who is closer to the development of OSM
and who is willing to guide me through this project, so that it will surely
succeed and be useful for the community.

Is anybody interested?

 I'm waiting for reactions before applying this project to google.

Note: google summer of code isn't in the top of my personal goals, only an

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