[OSM-dev] SoC project idea: Wikifikation of OSM

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Mon Mar 31 14:55:03 BST 2008

On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, jn at jonemo.de wrote:

> I came up with loads of great ideas just to realise that Frederik Ramm has
> written pretty much the same on the wiki page ?Changesets and Reverts?.

I've thought for a long time that OSM needs a Subversion-style global 
revision number and atomic commits.  So, for example, if someone commits 
completely broken data you can roll back that revision in its entireity.

Also, being able to find out what has changed within a specified bounding 
box since a given date would be really useful - it would allow people to 
take responsibility for an area and be easilly able to check and correct 
changes made within that area.

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