[OSM-dev] 0.6 api - same story

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 5 16:54:56 BST 2008


> My main interest is from an osmosis perspective which is under the 
> "further, less important stuff" heading.

Again it was me who put this under "less important", not because I think 
osmosis unimportant (I use it every day) but because I thought that it 
does not have to by synchronized with the rest (i.e. it would just 
continue to work even after the change). It seems I overlooked the fact 
that the user id column is dropped on the objects so this would indeed 
make existing queries fail.

All in all I have learnt from this discussion that it was unwise to use 
the public Wiki as a kind of scratch pad while hacking; we should just 
have kept the notes to ourselves and then present a write-up after we're 
done to avoid confusion. A lot of the stuff that was on the Wiki page, 
at least a lot of what I had written, was really just the equivalent of 
using a whiteboard in the room, where you sketch a few things, and it 
seems that others somehow read this as the Word of God as delivered 
through the Wiki. I should at least have put a big "don't take any of 
this seriously" on top or so.


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