[OSM-dev] 0.6

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 7 00:35:04 BST 2008


> Given a complete set of coastline polygons (e.g. VMAP0), and somehow
> removing the clockwiseness of them, please have your computer tell
> me if Australia is either an island or a lake.

Which is completely theoretical because a polygon of this size could
not be processed in OSM without major trouble. Before we start
thinking about such things we will have to refine our tools to be able
to work with partial objects. This would for example require a "modify
way" call whereby you can specify "insert node #483726 at position
#99281 into the existing way". Which we might have at some time but
surely not with API 0.6.

I am indifferent about the (re-)addition of a proper area type but I
am firmly against creating more cases where the direction of something
has a meaning. I don't *want* people to be able to draw a little
circle and specify that the world outside that circle is a forest.


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