[OSM-dev] 0.6 - typo-cleaning

Stefan Baebler stefan.baebler at gmail.com
Wed May 7 12:06:58 BST 2008

>  | The api change would be a good time to clean out most of the typos.
>  | with the node_tags, way_tags and relation_tags table (sorry i've completly
>  | forgotten these above),  they are allready separated.

>  how do you suppose to do that?
>  map_features and proposed_tags are not all the valid tags
>  that people are using on the map.

i guess some statistics of tag use already exists (tagwatch)
If the statistics shows
highway: 54284238754

one can reasonably and safely assume that "higway"s are typos and can
be changed to highway - preferably manually, after reviewing other
tags of said objects, eg
higway=residential can be safely changed, but
higway=hig (making it up as i go :) ) cannot be changed as it isn't
clear if author made a mistake or is it on purpose.

It is fairly easy to find such nodes with osmxapi, but very hard (next
to impossible) with the main api.

A limping workaround would be to make an application that finds such
objects using osmxapi, and then allows their editing (by id) within
the main api.

A better solution would be to allow some searching in the main api,
but that opens up another box of worms (namefinder issues, performance
issues, apps using main api instead of osmxapi...).


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