[OSM-dev] deleting nodes/ways that are members of relations

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Mon May 12 02:55:22 BST 2008

It looks like the main API and Potlatch have different ideas of what
should be done when a node is deleted which is a member of a way or
relation. Potlatch deletes the node from any way or relation that it is
a member of: the main API just rejects the edit.

To consolidate these a bit, might it make sense to take a 'force
deletion' parameter in the API which says 'delete this node from any way
which it is a member of and remove it from any relations which it is a
member of'? This would likely be added as a parameter to the 'delete'
method of the node_controller, and then added as a parameter to the
'delete_with_history' api call... 

I think that if this happened, the 'deleteitemrelations' code in
amf_controller could be migrated away from...


Christopher Schmidt

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