[OSM-dev] 0.6: Attribute Naming, version on <nd>?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu May 15 01:36:38 BST 2008


>  * Currently, we don't report or check the versions on nodes that are
>    part of a way. If a node has since been deleted, the way will simply
>    include the node, afaik (or at least, it won't complain because of a
>    version mismatch.)

The node cannot be deleted without changing the way, which would then
lead to a version conflict on the way.

The node could have been modified, that's true - for all you know,
when uploading a change to a way, the change may succeed but all the
way's nodes have meanwhile been moved from central London to Buenos

I can see that you might want avoid that for ways, but it could get
ugly for relations because they might have many members and the
relationship is usually not dependent on the individual object
properties (e.g. someone puts all UK McDonald's restaurants into one
relation; someone else meanwhile changes the opening times of one of
them; why should a relation modification fail just because of that?).

Personally I'd lean towards ignoring the issue. Let the API make sure
that we have referential integrity, but whether or not a referenced
object has *changed* since you last read it should not make your
update fail. 


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