[OSM-dev] C++ implementation of the API

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri May 23 16:54:18 BST 2008


> Writing Apache modules in C is hard

I don't think so.

> and I don't think using mod_cpp
> will make it much easier. Doing Apache modules in Perl (mod_perl has API
> access including filters) is a lot easier. 

I don't know what the English would us in this situation but you might 
be familiar with the German saying "den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub 
austreiben" ;-) if we really ditch one scripting language, or "dynamic 
programming language" as some may have it, for lack of performance then 
please let's not introduce another one through the back door.

I'm a frequent user of Perl and it has lots of merits, but I wouldn't 
want to base a high-performance module on it that reads data from Mysql 
and shifts it over to Apache. I haven't done the numbers on that but my 
gut feeling is that you'll be copying the data around a few times more 
in that scenario...


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