[OSM-dev] High performance server [JOSM issues]

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Wed May 28 12:50:13 BST 2008

On Wed, 28 May 2008, Mario Ferraro wrote:

> Hi Stefan, don't know if you've already fixed it, but I'm now trying to
> download the file from that URL in JOSM (after changing Base Server URL
> to http://thuis.kinkrsoftware.nl:8000/about) and it seems to work smoothly.
> I'm using JOSM version 639 with Java 1.6 in a Kubuntu 8.04 box.

I'm at 645, 2008-05-21 10:28. Java 1.6.0_06.

Maybe stable versions of applications are things a guy should use.


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