[OSM-dev] Way as Relation

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sat May 31 22:34:37 BST 2008

OJ W schreef:
>> Is there a reason not to implement it this way?
> Recursive/circular relations?

Currently also not guaranteed with relations. My extra suggestion having 
an index will guarantee sequence.

> Not being able to guarantee that all ways are before all relations in
> the planet.osm?

Why would this be an issue? Is it convenient to have nodes, ways, 
relations?  Ways would be a subset of relations if you want to order it 
by type :) that is fairly trivial.

> No code for it in SVN?

We are not the ClosedStreetMap group. The that was used to make MonetDB 
running is based on planet-to-osm.pl. And the code that I produced 
already was send to the other teaming working on the MySQL variant.

But if you would like to see code in SVN ;) Lets figure something out 
how to get it there. But this moves the discussion from theoretical to 


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