[OSM-dev] way 7062297, is this new?

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 9 09:56:42 BST 2008

Way way back in the long distant past of the project SteveC arranged for
key/value pairs to be used for adding information about objects (Nodes,
Segments and the unused Areas at the time) but in doing so did not set any
restrictions on their use whatsoever. In fact all tags were concatenated
simply in a delineated single field. Duplicate keys were perfectly valid
then and indeed I recall we discussed how we might use duplication for
tagging purposes. It was only the lack of support in the editors that
stopped duplication in its tracks.

Times change and the format of the database tables has changed and a more
sophisticated method of storage for tags has come about. While duplication
is still valid under API 0.5 its really a legacy functionality that's not
being used for any useful purpose and hence why its any easy decision to
drop duplication support going forwards. Till that time I suggest you use
one of the workarounds suggested for your own work.



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>Grant Slater schreef:
>> Stefan de Konink wrote:
>>> ..
>>> <tag k="AND_nosr_r" v="15457132"/>
>>> <tag k="AND:importance_level" v="5"/>
>>> <tag k="AND_nosr_r" v="15457132"/>
>>> ..
>>> <tag k="AND:importance_level" v="5"/>
>>> ...
>>> Could anyone *please* elaborate since when this is possible? (Look at
>>> the duplicate keys.)
>>> If this is /just allowed/ it fubars my entire database update model.
>> Allowed via the 0.5 API currently: Yes.
>> Supported by any of the editors: No (AFAIK)
>> On a hunch, don't expect the 0.6 API to support duplicates.
>Then disable *ANY* edits with this borked editor: "Potlatch 0.10c" and
>revert back to a version that did not produce duplicates.
>I'm currently writing a Foundation member over this corruption, it
>breaks far too many things.
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