[OSM-dev] way 7062297, is this new?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Oct 9 15:38:13 BST 2008

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Matt Amos schreef:
> we're working on it and it'll be ready as soon as its ready. if you'd
> like to help then that would be fantastic.

If you don't mind I'll implement a 0.6 api in my own server ;)

> imho, the most likely place to look for the error is the
> amf_controller (which, being neither potlatch, nor API, occupies some
> weird limbo), as there have been problems with race conditions there
> before, which 0.6 will fix.

The fact that it exports now in a way that requires postprocessing for
some could be rather... nasty.

>> I think we should fix this issues where there is so added value of
>> duplication soon. I'm happy to do it manually using one of my parsers,
>> does anyone has serious objections against it?
> here is a complete list of all (35) elements with duplicate tag keys
> in the most recent planet:
> node/26550449
> node/26550451
> node/27419813
> node/53399519
> node/53399526
> node/53399529
> way/4328988
> way/4940234
> way/5356387
> way/6208313
> way/7062297
> way/10431777
> way/10639405
> way/12302584
> way/12700083
> way/13349899
> way/14350531
> way/14357532
> way/14364162
> way/15235135
> way/17488691
> way/21980477
> way/22062136
> way/23462995
> way/24957291
> way/25914984
> way/26052148
> way/26443819
> way/26509730
> way/26784196
> way/27226165
> way/27411706
> way/27565355
> way/27568976
> way/27583724
> you'll notice that "JMEditor", whatever that is, is responsible for
> the node errors. and all the way errors are duplicates, so there is
> never a conflict in reducing them. if you'd like to fix these then
> that would be great.

I'll give it a shot :)

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