[OSM-dev] What should the changeset api do?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Oct 11 15:53:08 BST 2008


Shaun McDonald wrote:
> Alternatively if we state that a changeset is private until it is 
> closed, and has a limited life, then you could simply calculate the bbox 
> on closing of the changeset.

Yes but the original plan was based on the idea that changesets do not 
require an explicit close, they have an implicit close (if their 
validity expires). The elegance of that is *not* requiring a huge 
clean-up deamon that closes changesets and computes bounding boxes and 
dies every now and then ;-)

> One problem we have at the moment, is that the changeset determines the 
> after state. You can assume that changeset.version-1 is the previous 
> version. However I'm sure we're not meant to assume that a new 
> version=old_version+1.

You might change the same object twice within the same changeset, then 
the changeset would have old_version=new_version-2...


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