[OSM-dev] What should the changeset api do?

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Sun Oct 12 00:01:35 BST 2008

On 10 Oct 2008, at 20:11, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> [..]
> I'm not sure about the reverse lookup we need or do not need - how  
> can I find out which changesets have affected Way #1234? Will this  
> be contained in /api/0.6/way/1234/history? Or a new /api/0.6/way/ 
> 1234/changesets?

The changeset id's are contained in the full history.

> Phew. That's what you get for asking politely ;-) I find it  
> excellent that you have made yourself the champion of 0.6 (it badly  
> needed one). I'm very willing to chip in my part of coding but I'd  
> need some guidance as I have lost track of what still needs to be  
> done.

I'll do my best at driving the 0.6 api. I'll be starting some other  
threads on other parts of the api as required.

Can you please apply this patch to JOSM, so that it makes testing  

Diff upload appears to have been implemented in a different place to  
that of the wiki, which is confusing. It would be nice if JOSM or some  
other editor would be updated to use them so that the api can be tested.

Looking at some implementation of the changeset diffs or returning the  
nodes, ways and relations affected by the changeset would be excellent.

It would be really useful, if you could code review/test the code.  
I'll be looking into the data browser on Monday, as that hasn't been  
updated yet (and is a useful way to see if the uploads are working).  
It also needs to be extended to cover the viewing of the changesets.

It may be useful if JOSM was extended to store the changeset as  
returned by the API. I'm sure the plugin/core JOSM devs will come up  
with some interesting things with this additional information.

I'm currently thinking that it would be really nice if there was an  
easy way to switch between the live production api settings, and the  
test server in JOSM, however I can see that potentially being a bad  

I hope you don't mind most of these being JOSM, rather than API  
related. Having an editor that works with the api is really important  
so that the new api can be tested easily.


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