[OSM-dev] Adding relations in Potlatch 0.10e

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Oct 13 13:35:28 BST 2008

Nick Austin wrote:

> I'm sure this used to work, but I'm trying to add a relation to an
> existing way; but when I quit Potlatch then click edit the relations
> are no longer part of the way.  I can make other changes after adding
> the relation and they do get saved so I'm not sure what is happening.

Ah, bugger. Memo to self: don't commit things late at night.

I'll fix it this evening unless anyone else gets there before me:


lines 296-298 need to be moved out of the enclosing block (i.e. after  
the following 'end').

Incidentally, please please please please please remember trac is the  
channel for Potlatch bug reports, not dev@ or talk@ or  
uncletomcobleigh at .


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