[OSM-dev] 0.6 API hack-a-thon Date

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Tue Oct 14 10:06:47 BST 2008

Hi Devs,

With the rapid progress on the 0.6 API, I'd like to set the date of  
the 0.6 API hack-a-thon in London to complete the transition to the  
0.6 API.

I would like to propose the weekend of 9th November 2008, in the  
CloudMade offices in London. Is this data suitable for the api and  
application devs?

Yesterday we got most of the changes to the API regarding the fact  
that nodes, ways and relations now belong to a changeset instead of a  
user complete, and all the tests working again, with more new tests  

The bulk of the upcoming work includes
* getting some useful information from the changesets, in both the API  
and the data browser
* expanding the test suite (which will inevitably find bugs in the code)
* updating the documentation, checking that it is implemented  
according the documentation, and vice versa
* some code cleanup/checking
* there also needs to be some performance and migration testing
* (Of course there is anything else that comes up that we haven't  
thought about)

Ideally we need to have all the main editors and osm tools ready for  
the 0.6 API transition by the time the 0.6 API goes live in November.  
As things currently stand, you can use JOSM, with a clean checkout of  
the api06 branch.

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