[OSM-dev] Faster loading with scabies

Joachim Zobel jz-2008 at heute-morgen.de
Wed Oct 15 20:15:51 BST 2008


I have written a utility named scabies to load data from osm files into
a mysql database. See


Usage is rather straightforward, but you need lots of disk space.
scabies_parse.pl parses the osm file and creates files that are then
loaded by scabies_load.sql with LOAD DATA INFILE. The current version
only loads the current_* tables, but its easy to extend. It is early

The motivation for this was that osmosis is too slow with the InnoDb
tables. Checking what osmosis does I found no way to incrementally
improve it. Loading data can probably not be done much better as long as
INSERTs are used. 


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