[OSM-dev] Carriage-Return char in europe.osm.bz2 causes osm2pgsql SVN to bail out?

Thomas Herzog thomasherzog at me.com
Sat Oct 18 12:14:27 BST 2008

Am 17.10.2008 um 20:06 schrieb Jon Burgess:

> It is odd that the tile server did not run into this. Have you  
> modified
> default.style? I'm trying to reproduce it at the moment.
> Anyway, I suspect the problem occurs because '\r' is missing from the
> character escaping in escape_tag() in middle-pgsql.c. It would  
> probably
> be fixed by adding these lines:
>      case '\r':
>        if( escape ) *ptr++ = '\\';
>        *ptr++ = '\\';
>        *ptr++ = 'r';
>        break;
> 	Jon

Hi Jon,

I have the default.style also from osm2pgsql SVN, it is unmodified.

I added your code and rebuilt osm2pgsql, now it seems to work (did not  
abort at this point, currently running on)


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