[OSM-dev] collection of gps tracks

Patrick Kilian osm at petschge.de
Thu Oct 23 12:29:58 BST 2008


>> In more detail:
>> I'm looking for an area with a high density of gps traces (collected  
>> only by car).
>> Where a single road can be assign to several Tracks (10 and more).
> When we upload a GPS trace, there is no tagging as to the mode of  
> transport. Thus finding this information will be difficult.
Traveling by car should have some features which can be detected
statistically. High speed, small slowdown when going uphill, rarely
passing over footways etc.

>> The Idea:
>> To extract informations of a collection of tracks that can't be  
>> extracted by a single one.
>> As an example: You could extract the number of lines for a road and  
>> tag it in OSM.
I had that idea myself, but didn't have time to actually try it.

> GPS traces are unlikely to be accurate enough to be able to get the  
> number of lanes on the road.
If you have only a docent track? right. But what if you have 100 tracks?
Or 1000? It's going to need a health dose of advanced statistics so.

Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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