[OSM-dev] I've added some new shop values in Map Features

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Oct 23 22:21:48 BST 2008

Ulf Lamping wrote:

> 204 books (in obvious contrary to amenity=library)

A library lends books, a bookshop sells them.

> 292 florist (BTW: in future, garden_centre seems to become the  
> value for
> "potted flower shops")

Generally, in the UK, a florist will sell you a bunch of flowers to  
give to your wife/girlfriend/mistress; a garden centre will sell you  
flowers to plant in your garden.

> I've added those, where I had a good understanding. There are still  
> some
> tags where I'm still curious about, e.g. what is shop=general?

A "general stores" is grocery+other stuff - so basic foodstuffs, some  
ironmongery (=DIY), some stationery, and so on. It's an old-fashioned  
UK shop that is sadly dying out in the age of the supermarket.


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