[OSM-dev] I've added some new shop values in Map Features

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Oct 24 08:25:28 BST 2008

Matt Amos wrote:

> i would call that a shop=convenience. what distinction would you draw
> between them, ronnie barker notwithstanding?

Ronnie Barker was a local round here... he lived two villages away,  
in a tiny village where David Cameron lives now.


There's not a whole lot of difference. A "general stores" is more an  
old-fashioned thing, open 9-5, early closing Wednesday, and so on. A  
"convenience store" is probably more like a Londis or Spar; doesn't  
sell the ironmongery, probably open later and sells more cheap booze.  
The "general stores" is dying out, sadly.


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