[OSM-dev] android + osm

Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Tue Oct 28 19:53:22 GMT 2008


Am Dienstag 28 Oktober 2008 schrieb Matthias Brandt:
> I'm just at the beginning (planning phase), so there isn't much to say 
> yet. But the scope is to have an easy-to-use app like potlatch.
> This project will be my bachelor thesis.
Very interesting. I have started something similar with my osm2go 
project on the nokia internet tablets. The horse power of these 
both plattforms should be fairly similar (android even runs on the 
nokia devices). Since xml parsing and rendering (incl. antialiased 
graphics and transparent layers like potlatch does) are pretty cpu
intense taks, osm2go can easily bring the device to its limits.

It'll be very interesting to see how your Java project performs in 


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