[OSM-dev] Boundary data

Sebastian Spaeth sebastian at sspaeth.de
Fri Oct 31 06:32:50 GMT 2008

Roland Olbricht wrote:
> the boundary in OSM is maybe suboptimal structured. What is the best option?

Discuss things first, others might not think of it as suboptimal as you

> 1) Leave the data as it is and use precautions in the software using it
> 2) Silently correct the data by running an appropriate script
> 3) Discuss somewhere (where?) what the script should correct and what not
> 4) Encourage somehow (how?) the mapper community to correct it manually
Yes, see above. Get consensus first on what is "correct".

> In detail, there are
> a) the "left:country" and "right:country" attributes in the boundary ways.
> b) the nodes with tag k="place" v="country" which contain more information on 
> a country.

I don't see problems with both issues above. Everything in our db is
sensitive to typos, so why is this more of a problem here? If the info
is only partially present, it should be extended.
> sometimes it is simply inaccurate (e.g. if a way
> passes a point where three countries meet, there is no way to note the change 
> of the country on one side) and it does provide no chance for additional 
> information, e.g. the names of a country in different languages.
Split the way, done.

Why is the name not possible in different names? name:en=Switzerland
works for all other things too why not here?

I don't perceive the current usage as especially problematic. But feel
free to convince me otherwise :-).


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